imagine meeting you here!


my name is gloria, and it’s lovely making your aquaintance.

ever since the birth of the “blog-phenom”, i’ve run as far as my little legs could take me. an online diary? how droll…and desperate! however, here i find myself, blogging away. i blame my ambitions, and (dare i say it?) my age. yes, in my younger years, i tappity-tap-tapped away in HTML, but nowadays, the youngsters are blazing past in XML, XUL, SVG, CSS… i can just hear them yelling out the window, “What’s your data rate, grandma? This bandwith’s not big enough for the both of us!” learn you this, kiddos, this grandma’s getting back on her coding horse, and she’s going to sew you a bigger set of britches while she’s at it.

now that the age issue has been covered, allow me to explain the more important, ambitions aspect. due to my rusty knowledge in regards to markup language, this is the quickest way for me to advertise what i do. and what might that be, you ask?

as of recently, my hobbies of photography & sewing have taken on a life of its own. of course, we all start out small…very small. irregardless, here i am announcing my availability to those who might be interested.

to potential clients, i believe in a balance of professionalism & comfortability. i feel it important to let you know that i approach every job as a learning opportunity. when does one become an expert? there’s always room for growth. i hope to walk away from every new person i meet and every commissioned task having gained something valuable in addition to having given something beautiful.

in other news, Contemporary Art Show/Art Step took place in downtown Bryan, TX last night – i have uploaded event photos on Facebook & my Flickr page. j’espère que vous les trouvez chouettes!


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