black & white & blue.

i love the monochrome & recycling.

here are two old white t-shirts that i played with – i took an old black sequin applique off a thrifted dress and sewed it onto the left shoulder of one shirt ,and used black ribbon to simulate suspenders on another (the bow was my first attempt at sewing a bow completely from scratch).

may it be known that i find myself in a particularly sour mood. my mother came by and saw what i was working on, and when i explained my thought process and asked her opinion, she responded with, “have you been studying?” today i took one hour out of my day of reading for my entrepreneurship class to work on two creative projects i never had the time for. in fact, the reason why the projects are so simple are because i suffer from lack of time. during my move from college station to houston, my father told me to throw away my inspiration boards and my dress form. (i didn’t stand for that, of course.)

to all the talented and creative craftsmen and women, and the DIYer’s out there, you are lucky to have supportive people in your life. grow in it, because it’s much harder keeping your mind open when naysayers are constantly trying to bring you down.

little project 1.

little project 1.

little project 2.

little project 2.


2 responses to “black & white & blue.

  1. I still support you. Rock on, chica.


  2. By the way, what do you know about This piece reminded me of this piece:

    Which led me to this girl:

    Whom is now mega internet famous and apparently hails from Sugarland. Dig the site though, like ffffound for outfits.


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