the devil’s in the details.


taking into consideration the 40 degree cold front coming in this weekend to college station, i decided it was prime time to re-attach the fur collar to my leather jacket. i’ve never attempted to sew on leather by hand before, and that tricky tricky material certainly knows how to work the needle to prick you. considering i replaced 6 buttons and only got stuck twice, i guess i can’t complain too much – though both times drew blood. le sigh, just another way ladies suffer for fashion, no?

a very bored jenga watched me from the edge of the bed, intermittently inserting significant sighs (wow, wasn’t that dr. seuss-esque). she finally sat up and sniffed at my progress as i began re-attaching the collar. of course she couldn’t begin to understand the intricacies of such detailed human projects – dogs rarely do things on such tiny scales. perhaps the odd cat might sympathize, but dogs – no way. the most time-consuming to-do jenga ever engages in is cleaning her paws, and even then she ends up mostly licking carpet.

i’m sure our animals find us as tiringly tedious as we find their lives so enviably simple and carefree.

re-attachment complete.

re-attachment complete.

"i say, what are you up to?"

"i say, what are you up to?"


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