Dear American Kennel Club:

Several months ago, I purchased your stuffed porcupine toy for my American Pit Bull Terrier, Jenga. While she loves the toy, the porcupine does have several weak spots, and I thought I’d inform you of them. First, the porcupine tore in the belly area, straight down from chin to tail. I sewed it up, and he has been fine so far. Today, he tore in a straight line on his right side, from front leg to back leg. I sewed that too, and will be sure to let you know if I notice any more weak areas. Of course, the thought also crossed my mind that you have made the porcupine toy tear in these spots on purpose, seeing as how actual porcupines’ bellies are vulnerable in nature. So, if the stuffed porcupine’s tear points are intentional, please disregard this note altogether, and accept a “bravo!” for realistic toy-making.


Gloria & Jenga.

P.S. Perhaps porcupines are not the best subjects for dog toys…? Squirrels and rabbits are understandable, but snakes, porcupines, and baby bears should not be encouraged as playmates.

jenga loves her porcupine.
jenga loves her porcupine.


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