i <3 my bb.

guilty pleasure alert!

as most of my friends know, i am a tech whore. i used to switch cell phones every 6 months, just to have the most up-to-date technology. i actively use both my Toshiba laptops, and currently own and actively use six cameras, as well as a separate video camera. i also own and use both my iPods, and my Zune. i also just inherited my dad’s never-used digital video recorder. i must admit, i love gadgets.

i traded up from my Nokia E61i to my current Blackberry 8310 Curve. oh, what a match made in heaven. i haven’t had the desire to trade for about a year now…except maybe to another Blackberry.

i have decided to share two of my guilty tech/geek pleasures with you:

1) www.mobileburn.com, and 2) celebrityblackberrysightings.com/.

the former has been my longtime adviser for the newest, most reliable, and most user-friendly phones on the world market; they have the best reviews i’ve ever seen. (one of my pet-peeves are people who have the most capable piece of man-made-ry in their pockets, and don’t know about much less use most the apps/functions. my god, read a review or pull up some specs.)

the latter is a just-for-fun site of pictures of famous faces and their Blackberry phones. i find the captions pretty entertaining, but i suppose it’s fair to warn non-BB users that they might not “get it”.

enjoy & fall in love.

i can't live without you, darling.

i can't live without you, darling.


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