yes, that’s right.

$9.50 for a movie ticket. not a theatre ticket. a FILM. at AMC. what the fiery depths of Hades?! i don’t know about the young kiddos these days that i see hanging out around the movies here in sugar land, tx, but i remember the good old days when movies were around $5 – 6. after moving to college station for school and enjoying movies for $3 a pop, i was gearing myself for the expected rise in ticket pricing, but god almighty!

now that the initial shock has subsided, let’s let the business mind reason. perhaps i am being charged more for a more pleasant movie-going experience. hm. seats? same as when i came here in middle school. concessions? remember it just like it was yesterday. or was it yesterday? it must be the former because my cousin paid $4.75 for their small-iscopic popcorn the day before yesterday, and that doesn’t seem quite right. carpet? unchanged, i can see that clearly. well, then? what am i paying for?

some fat cat’s weekend cuban cigars, i’ve decided. well, i’m taking back as much theatre-attending control as i can. amazon video on demand, here i come! hello there, movie-forumz! e-bay, old friend! hear me loud and clear, AMC and other ticket money munching monsters: you won’t see me in any of your long sweaty lines or sticky theatre seats if the movie isn’t epic, or more than 2.25 hours long. that way, the price i pay will be for the length of two movies in one. take that!

let’s see what $9.50 buys you: a full meal at most mid-level resturants, or several gallons of gas, or considerable miles of tolls, a day pass at the Houston zoo, or for a mere $0.50 more, two tickets to the museum, and last, 25.3 McDonald’s all-white meat chicken nuggets. i think i’ve made my point.

we’ve been robbed.

"ladies & gents, this is a stick-up."

"ladies & gents, this is a stick-up."


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