being weighed down with seemingly unending classes and projects was leaving me feeling very uninspired of late. i decided to take a well-deserved break after my 8 page business plan was returned to me from my prof with an A grade. huzzah! flipping through my blackbook, i pored over past photographic epipahnies that made it from my head to paper but died on the neatly gridded pages.

one idea i had thought of almost a year ago was of a old-time, southern style shot of a person smoking a pipe, wearing some sort of neck ornament (i.e. madras tie, bowtie…etc.). however, the twist would be something unexpected coming out of the pipe. at the time, i was imagining toy soldiers, or gummy bears, or words, or marshmallows, birds…something more time and coin consuming than what i chose to use today. yes, the dream has been downgraded – to a $1 bubble pipe from a party store. i took a few shots, and loaded them up to my Flickr.

though short, it was a welcome breeze of creativity in the midst of stacks of textbooks.

playing the bubble pipe.

playing the bubble pipe.


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