the cost of comfort.

no, no.

this is not some treatise on democracy, or national security, or any other equally heavy subject. for those who know me best, it will come as no surprise that this post is about…shoes.

gloria p. cheng loves shoes. (and clothes, and bags, and jewelry…) these things don’t necessarily have to have a big brand names, or be in the latest style to entice me or catch my fancy. they do, however, have to be good quality. i know my good friends and trusted fashion partners geena & kat (and my parents) can attest to my long-winded speeches and breathless swoons over gorgeous leather, well-woven knits, delicately stitched silks, thick wool coats, intricate embroidery/beading, lush furs… ahem. sorry. there i go sweeping myself off my feet.

my point? recent purchase post: today, a pair of beautiful black boots i bought online came in. they are kenneth cole, but a separate line within the brand. they are called “gentle souls” by kenneth cole. i was extremely pleased with my pair. the outer leather was soft black pebbled leather, with deep brown leather soles. i prefer pebbled leather to suede and patent, because over time they soften and develop a lovely patina, instead of hardening, cracking, or splitting, like suede and over-treated leather tend to. putting them on, i realized the inside was also lined in leather, as was the insole. my experience told me it was deerskin, but i had to be sure. rummaging through the box, i found it – posted on the inside of the lid, “lined in deerskin”. um…i love deerskin. my favorite pair of minnetonka moccasins (i have 3 identical pairs, in different leathers and colors) are deerskin, and i say with confidence that it rivals lambskin in softness and durability. in addition, the deerskin sole has also been padded with flax seed, which serves as a kind of “memory foam”, to cushion the feet. in essence, kenneth cole is presenting “gentle souls” as a comfort driven, organic line.

anybody on the market for a new pair of quality kicks, should consider this new, er, sub-brand brand. my boots retail at $295.00 – but who says you have to pay full price? that’s just the cost of comfort these days.

super comfy - important with 3.5" heels.

super comfy - important with 3.5" heels.


One response to “the cost of comfort.

  1. And still a worthy cost.


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