in the news.

so it’s just past noon, but it’s already proved to be a more eventful day than usual.

this morning, i took dominic to the shop. (for all those who don’t know, that’s my car – my car and my dog are my babies…the order is still debatable.) diagnosis: need a new starter, new brake pads, and to reset the O2 sensor. you know, the usual.

more importantly, however, is the state of things, on a global scale. are you following the news? well, i sure am. just in case you are one of those too-apathetic-to-vote couch potatoes eating someone else’s potatoes on a borrowed couch, let me sift through all the mumbo in the jumbo and just give the most interesting, entertaining, important, and predictable news of late you need to know.

#1: american idol runner-up adam lambert is gay – and as always, just in time (pun!), time published a photo of him holding hands with another suspiciously flamboyant man. (i.e. tight jeans, blond frosted tips in hair, johnny depp as captain sparrow mustache.) i never watched a single episode of any season of american idol and i saw that coming. news level: predictable. <<via & time magazine>>

#2: middle school in new jersey bans hugging, but not for the reasons you’d think – apparently, “…girls would hug in groups and stop the flow of traffic during passing periods”. i don’t know who’s more ridiculous, the faculty or the girls… news level: entertaining. <<via>>

#3. the numbers: in light of the recent debate over the practice of “water-boarding” as an interrogation tactic, 52% of americans believe torture is justified to prevent terrorist attacks. compared the same month last year, there has been an 83% increase in the amount of time americans spend on social networking sites. scientists have changed their estimate on how many years the earth with remain habitable before the sun fries it 2.3 billion years. that’s 1 billion years longer than they thought previously. global warming supporters can turn down their heated rhetoric now, at least for another billion years. news level: interesting. <<via time magazine>>

#4. two american female journalists working for al gore’s “current tv” network, laura ling (younger sister of correspondent lisa ling)and euna lee, were arrested in communist north korea several days ago for illegally crossing the border. after a 5 day trial, both were found guilty and sentenced to 12 years hard labor at a labor camp. american politicians negotiating for their release believe north korea is using the women to respond to the negative u.s. reaction to their recent nuclear weapons tests. yes, that’s right -north korea just conducted nuclear weapons tests. a north korean defector commented, after hearing american officials confirm news that north korean dictator kim jong il named his youngest son, kim jong ul, his successor, “i never thought that kim jong il was human and thus, mortal.” news level: important. <<via nbc & time magazine>>

#5. iran’s presidental election is right around the corner – voting begins june 12. reformist and moderate candidate and former prime minister mir-hossein moussavi and current president and well know radical (with oft-announced negative feelings towards israel) mahmoud ahmadinejad are the two front-runners. ahmadinejad is viewed as a dangerous and volatile leader in the west, for several reasons. first, he is well known for being a “loose cannon”, with an embarrassing temper, and has “poor domestic policies”. he has also supported hamas in palestine and iran’s development of nuclear weapons. most alarming, he is also a holocaust-denier; the holocaust and contemporary american and european history is not taught iran under his presidency. he has sanctioned a conference titled “Holocaust: Sacred Lie by the West”, and has been quoted at an “anti-israel rally” saying israel should be “wiped off the map”. hopefully, the right man wins this gravely important seat; iran is a pivotal political force in the middle east. keep your fingers crossed. news level: important. <<via cnn &>>

#6. in a gold mining shaft in south africa owned by south africa’s harmony mining co., the bodies of 61 illegal miners were discovered. why? rising unemployment + rising gold prices = desperate times. may the tragedy also remind you to make sure the fine jewelry you buy are not “blood diamonds” or “blood gold”. (these terms refer to precious gems and metals mined by workers in foreign countries that work in dangerous, hazardous sub-par conditions, and inhumane pay.) ask your jeweler beforehand or research a company to be sure their products are “clean”, or mined by workers treated the fairly. news level: important. <<via nbc & yahoo>>

and there you have it. may you leave here more aware, and more interested in what’s going on in your world. yup, it’s your world.

"better stay informed"

"better stay informed" - by pegaPPP


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