excuse my french, but…


that’s right, i said it. what the shit, man? i just got scammed on craigslist. i was told i was buying an authentic item, and was provided with photos, and when the item arrived, it was completely fake and different than the photos. poor strangers don’t know what it is to incur gloria p. cheng’s wrath…but they will. soon.

as an entrepreneurial minded person, it infuriates me when sellers cheat buyers, or when buyers cheat sellers. has no one any integrity? look at this economy – the end result of cheats, big fat CHEATS. falsified loan apps, slippery loan officers, prospective home owners making $30k/year thinking they can afford a half-million dollar house… unless you won the lottery or your rich great-aunt tessie oldmaid died and left you a half-million dollar house, you can’t afford one on that kind of salary. you robbed a bank you say? nope. still can’t. yes, you – in the corner. insurance fraud? oh, ok – you should be able to swing it. you? you haven’t paid taxes in the last 10 years, and you live in Texas? i’m going papercut you to death with repo papers, you sonofabitch…!

in any case, i can’t believe that people diliberately use established forms of merchandise mediation such as ebay, craigslist, and facebook marketplace to scam others! why? it should be simple: you want money, you have delightful item; i have money, and want delightful item. hmm….LET’S TRADE! yay – unicorns with horns of ice cream cones sledding on sugar frosted rainbows appear. then you realize the unicorn is no unicorn at all when the ass he really is eats the ice cream cone, the rainbow is just a dry, painted slip n’ slide covered in sand, and the ass has his hoof out for $666 USD for the so-called show he put on. what happened? i’ll tell you – someone mussed up the system by getting greedy. why not advertise your fake item for what it is, a good replica? it might be worth a bit less than what you swindled me for, but at least you wouldn’t be a damned liar, or even worse, a false advertiser, or most worst-est of all-est: the underlying cause of the recession! (collective gasp)

in any case, the damage has been done. i am angry – really, really angry.

"greedy pig" - by flexford

"greedy pig" - by flexford


2 responses to “excuse my french, but…

  1. Not that it will help me better understand your frustration nor deter justification from your point, but for the sake of my curiosity, what was the item?

    Either way, if the wrath needs help, I do enjoy the occasional electronic harassment.


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