good read by post.

no, no – not my post; i mean the original post.

the first issue of my entrepreneur magazine subscription finally arrived today in the mail! i’ll be deeply entrenched in it once i finish this post. another welcome arrival in the mail was a $100 check from united realty, my last rental’s property management company. we were clearing up an issue with the pet deposit, after i received my initial refund check for a lesser amount that i was expecting. apparently, they agree with me – huzzah! looks like i’ll be making a trip to the bank come monday. *victory dance* while there aren’t many things better than making deposits, new shoes are pretty damn close. recent purchase post: fedex dropped off the newest addition to my shoe collection this morning – black woven leather, studded bcbg max azria low wedges.

so far, today was spent taking my dad out for an early father’s day. (don’t forget, the big F.D.’s tomorrow…) we had lunch in chinatown, then headed to minuti in sugar land for some coffee. <<bzzt.>> hold on. looks like miss christina hoffart just mass texted to remind everyone father’s day is tomorrow. see? it’s that important. thank you, miss hoffart.

yesterday, my cousin jessica took me out for an early dinner-of-sorts at japaniero’s in town center after she got off work. we ordered three sushi rolls, dumplings, and endemame; and since it was happy hour, she also ordered a midori sour, and i had a modelo. i don’t think i’ve had beer in several months…

so now that i’ve had a tiny bit of a break this week, it’s back to the books, as always. hope everyone’s having a great weekend.

bcbg's, entrepreneur, $100 buckaroos.

bcbg's, entrepreneur, $100 buckaroos.


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