“shut up spock, we’re rescuing you!”

…one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite scenes, star trek TOS season 2, episode 18, “the immunity syndrome” – the enterprise crew is attacked by a giant space amoeba, and kirk and mccoy refuse to let spock sacrifice himself when they decide their only course of action is to detonate an anti-matter bomb within the amoeba. such a cute epsiode.

heh heh… anyone who wants to call me a nerd can do so, but i’m sure i can wipe the floor with you in some other “non-nerd” sanctioned topic. in other words, “i’ll verbally punch you in the face”. i’d like to add though, that anyone who hasn’t watched the original series should give it a try – it’s really just an old school “bromance”, in my opinion. so why the star trek mumbo jumbo? well, my circa 1991 spock shirt came in the mail a few days ago, but i was too busy with midterms to enjoy its arrival. so, now that i had a little bit of free time, i took a fun photo documenting my excitement. voila!

gloria “the logic” cheng, with her sidekick in all that is logical.

this got me to thinking…gloria’s good gal pal, geena “the truth” sisomphou, needs a character sidekick as well… any ideas?

"spock, away!"

"spock, away!"


3 responses to ““shut up spock, we’re rescuing you!”

  1. epluribusgeenum

    abraham lincoln!


  2. epluribusgeenum

    in other news – i miss you and wished that squinting really hard and trying to summon you would actually work. (it doesn’t. did you at least feel it?)


    • that explains the tugging i felt on my heartstrings. of course i felt it – also, i was going to suggest george washington…


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