d.i.y. – white bolero.

another DIY, finally!

for those who aren’t familiar with the term, DIY = “do it yourself”, and commonly refers to projects that people construct themselves instead of purchasing an more expensive, pre-fab (pre-fabricated) item.

i’ve been seeing studded blazers in editorials and on last season’s runways, and i finally decided to try and recreate the look myself. i nabbed a bag of 100 3/8″ silver studs from a wholesaler online for $5.99, and they just arrived today. i had a white linen bolero hanging in my closet that i thrifted a while back, but never wore because it never seemed to match anything else i owned, which is no small feat. the bolero is simple enough, and it is a small jacket, but the way it sits when worn takes over an outfit. i was amazed and frustrated. in any case, i decided if it wanted to go big so badly, i’d make it go way big. after getting some inspiration from some other photos, i got to work. after about an hour, i had my finished product, and i must admit, i’m pretty pleased.

newly studded bolero.

newly studded bolero.

studs extend all the way around the collar.

studs extend all the way around the collar.

inspiration (l-r): diy; balmain; unknown.

inspiration (l-r): diy; balmain; unknown.


2 responses to “d.i.y. – white bolero.

  1. that looks great!


  2. thanks! here’s what’s weird… i linked to your blog, and totally recognized your ebay store handle! and now, you’ve been blogrolled!


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