well shod, sirs!

oh my god.

salvatore ferragamo + yohji yamamoto in a shoe collaboration? in true rachel zoe form, “i die”. (apparently, she’s trademarked her phrases, and is currently suing a guy for infringement… so as ridiculous as it seems, i’m dotting my “i’s” and crossing my “t’s”.)

take a gander at THESE. *collective gasp* that’s right. these two-tone brogues from the ferragamo/yamamoto women’s shoe collection are damn fine. rawr. recent purchase post: i recently had the good fortune of coming upon a pair of vintage spectators, but they are not…well, they are not these!

ferragamo for yamamoto two tone brogue - $620.00

ferragamo for yamamoto two tone brogue - $620.00

my vintage find.

my vintage find.


4 responses to “well shod, sirs!

  1. epluribusgeenum

    yours are so much better. damn, those are good looking shoes. i would kiss them goodnight if i were you.


  2. epluribusgeenum

    btw. it’s the scalloping that makes them so good. ferragamo and yamamota can suck on that.


  3. Agreed on the vintage so much betters. The piping makes it pop too. Dig.


  4. well, the both of you have metallic sneakers padding your shoe collections, and i have yet to find a pair to call my own…*tear*. geena’s got that copper/gold pair, and jimmy, don’t think i forgot your gold y-3’s. metallic sneakers are next on my shoe hit list.


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