sweet, sweet victory.


i’ve been a bit busy this july 4th weekend (congratulations, america), but did manage to snap up these. damn right – recent purchase post: i’m happy to announce i’ve added early 90’s prada to my collection! another recent addition was a small, vintage green leather cross-body purse by neiman marcus, brand new with tags intact – retailing at $240.00, back in the day. of course, that was quite a few dollars off from my receipt…chortle, chortle. i’ve begun to notice that exemplary thrift finds tend to affect my grammar, making it more…affected, shall we say? puns always intended. happy hunting!

newly acquired prada pumps.

newly acquired prada pumps.

2 responses to “sweet, sweet victory.

  1. Nice pickup. Always a good way to celebrate any national holiday.

    I can’t help but always peruse the chick’s racks (pun back at you) and always toyed with the idea of buying women’s shoes if I ever run into a deal. But that’s just so weird. True or false?

    I just need an excuse aka girlfriend.


    • false! jimmy, you are under the impression that you need a physical excuse, when all you need is a verbal one. if you were to ask a salesperson, or the person checking you out (pun ping pong!), “do you think my girlfriend would like these?”, you’d be set. so, while your hypothesis that you need a girlfriend is on the right track, it’s demonstrably fallacious. regardless, you know i’d go shopping with you – the only possible problem we could encounter would be that we might never leave the store(s)…


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