let them eat cake.

here, have some!

those who know me know that i am petrified of even attempting to venture into the sweeter half of the culinary sphere. i know how to cook main dishes – give me fish, chicken, veggies, what have you; just don’t ask me to bake. the magic that is baking eludes me. in the past, i left the baking to my roommates – ashley and kelly consistently churned out delightful muffins, cakes, and cheesecakes. i never strayed from the stove, and the grill, well – this is the Texas; we have boys…er…men for that sort of thing. (feminists, simmer down – i’m sure the fairer sex can wield a pair of tongs and bag of coal just as well, but why not share the cooking load? just leave it be.) in any case, i was hankerin’ for some baked goods around really-late-at-night o’clock, and decided to try to bake it myself. note: yes, my mother does bake, but she’s one of those people who likes to experiment in the kitchen, and our verdicts on her finished products sometimes don’t match up. i was suprised at the successful result – sure, it was a cake mix, but we’ve all got to start somewhere, right? (although, i’m stopping here; quitting while i’m ahead.)

the tasty result, presentation be damned.

the tasty result, presentation be damned. (and no, i did not eat all those pieces; mom & dad helped.)


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