eeny, meeny, miny, moe; indecision sways me to and fro.

alas…the horror.

as i’ve been quick to mention in the past, i’m lucky to be in the possession of many vintage treasures. however, secretly (or, rather publicly, after this post), i am longing to own a vintage lambskin chanel chain flap bag, or pebbled shopper tote. who doesn’t, really? i’ve tirelessly trawled the internet, resale shops, and thrift stores, but simply don’t have the coin to make one my own. price? at minimum, i’d have to be able and willing to cough up at least $500.00, and i should also consider myself lucky to get that price! (sure, i’ve found cheaper, but they aren’t in good condition, or large enough to justify the price.) i’ve also been rewarded by my efforts by being cheated out of my money twice, for a total loss of $235.00. my wallet is still wincing. bastards. in any case, it’s come to my attention that i could easily afford the object of my desire if i…dare i say it…sold some of my rescued treasures. should i do it? most of my lovelies are packed safely away, so i haven’t really had the time or desired to go to the trouble of digging them out to share with you. however, to give my readers a taste of what i have, i did lift out one my favorites, a vintage red leather salvatore ferragamo cross-body bag with gold hardware; it has the distinctive yet subtle ferragamo bow detail. recent purchase post: i also just scored a huge vintage cream leather and snakeskin satchel by italian leather goods company palazzio – near new condition; absolutely gorgeous.

ugh – the more i describe my darlings, the more i can’t imagine parting with them! i pride myself on making calculated, educated purchases – all my bags and clothes (shoes only depreciate, sorry!) will either hold or increase their value over time, as long as i keep them in excellent condition. i am interested in knowing what anyone else’s opinion is – should i sell some things to own a chanel? or are my obscure (and not-so-obscure) bags unique enough on their own to be a better investment in the long run? (just imagine, some people think buying vintage is easy!)

my little ferragamo.

my little ferragamo.

newest snakskin palazzio - i have three bags from this great company.

newest snakskin palazzio - i have three bags from this great company.


One response to “eeny, meeny, miny, moe; indecision sways me to and fro.

  1. thejimmytran

    Never sell a piece you love unless you love the thing you are selling it for much much more.

    Find something else to sell. Like textbooks or furniture.


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