the doctors are in.

though they would probably recommend leather polish rub over an apple-a-day.

recent purchase post: two pairs of doc martens. on the left, a black leather pair with oxford detailing, and the oh-so-popular mid-calf boot. my closet is already a veritable shoe store, but 86.894% are heels. it’s nice to have flat sole options. oh, the possibilities.

two peas in pod.

two peas in pod.




3 responses to “the doctors are in.

  1. Have you ever gotten your shoes resoled or repaired in any way? And if so, where in town?


    • of course – you’ve seen the vault, jimmy. in bryan, i recommend victor’s shoe and boot repair on texas (re-heeling a pair of pumps cost me just $7.50); they do great work for the best price, and they do it fast. i haven’t found a good cobbler in houston yet, but i’ll let you know once i do…hope that helped! though i’m curious; what do you have that needs repairing?


  2. Some old wingtips and oxfords I picked up recently at a resale shop. I’ll need your opinion but I think they’re classy

    I heard in rice village does good work. Can be expensive and are super snobby (which I love). I was going to go check them out/ask them questions.


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