“you don’t say…”

alright. it’s come to this.

i am engaged in civilized conversation with one individual who will remain nameless on the comments section of the aforementioned youtube video that i will not be providing the link of. i want to get the opinion of my friends and readers, or whatever you consider yourself to be. the person in question has been dubbed “Mr. Conflict”. here is what transpired*, along with some background:

Do-Gooder #1: …[because] I don’t support violence for sport. I think boxing is stupid but whatever the people want to do it and no one is forcing them to, while with dog fights, the dogs are made just for that. Animals should be happy not suffering. I’m not some disgusting person who gets off of watching two dogs kill each other…

Mr. Conflict: it’s funny, you have never seen a dog fight yet seem to know exactly what is going on. I have never seen one either so I do not judge the owners. I have seen video and in every one the dogs tails are wagging like crazy, they LOVE the combat. I have read the rules and know from my experiences with game fowl that the rules are adhered to 100% so I know the dogs cannot be forced to do anything. If a dog refuses to fight, he loses…plain and simple and he has the opportunity to refuse over and over.

Do-Gooder #2: Steve you are dumb as hell. Do you not know what dog fighting trainers do to “loser” dogs?. There was a dog fight, that this dog wouldn’t take part in, so the guy lost, and he took the dog away and tazered him to death.Thats what happens if the dog “refuses to fight”, he is killed. How could you have watched that and not understood what is going on? The dogs don’t fucking enjoy it, they have been abused since birth so that fighting is all they know. Your points are all seriously retarded.

Mr. Conflict: AHHH so the actual FIGHTING is not what you disagree with then? And you believe the dogs fight out fear of retribution for NOT fighting?? Makes NO sense. And my points are valid. Dogs are property and animals have ZERO rights. prove otherwise. Tell me how a dog fight affects you at all or society as a whole. Tell me how a dog fight infringes on YOUR Rights in any manner whatsoever.

Do-Gooder #2: That’s like saying the holocaust was cool because it didn’t affect me. That doesn’t change the fact that it was evil and disgusting. You’re living in the past, where gladiators fought until their opponent was dead for the publics entertainment. That was just sick and the reason it’s unheard of in today’s society is because as time goes on we get more intelligent and the right and wrong line becomes more clear. Dog fighting is just gladiators without humans. It’s not like boxing, because one dies.

Mr. Conflict: No the holocaust infringed upon the rights of the humans involved, Those humans fought against it , and we as humans stood up against it en masse. The gladiators also involved humans who were forced into the arena…. ALTHOUGH I believe that if an adult human chooses that lifestyle it is no one’s business. If a grown man does not at least own HIMSELF, then what have we become other than a nation of owned slaves?

Me: on the contrary – dogs do whatever they believe they have to to please their owners. i own a 3 year old rescued pit. what i’ve learned is dogs will do anything for their owner’s approval; they wag knowing their owner’s are pleased with their behavior. animals aren’t naturally combative – that’s against evolution. they fight for defense and dominance; a good owner in a dog’s eyes is leader and also protector/fighter. so fighting two well-trained dogs is fighting two obedient, but submissive dogs.

Mr. Conflict: maybe, but that’s really irrelevant. If you own a cow or a pig, you can shoot it in the head and cut it’s throat…then cut it up in handy snack size pieces and that’s perfectly legal. Give a dog a 50-50 chance in the pit and that’s a felony….what about the right’s of the pig and cow? animal rights wacks raid a cock fight they IMMEDIATELY kill every rooster there…..to keep the fighters from letting them get killed…makes no sense to me.

Do-Gooder #3: What are you defending? What is your point? No offense intended, just intrigued about what you’re defending?

Mr. Conflict: I am not really defending anything. I have never ever seen a dog fight and I’d wager neither have 99% of the people posting negatively about it. They are going off of the animal rights spin which we all know is 99% lies and more lies. I believe I have the right to do as I please until I cross the line into YOUR rights. Dog fighting does not do that. It has no impact on society or individuals so is a benign activity, yet it is a felony. That’s ridiculous to me.

Me: that’s not really true – there are still rules for killing animals for food. in tx, there was a case of two horses killed with a chainsaw for food & those people went to jail. putting animals down in most states can only be done legally by a vet. i don’t think it’s about rights. i think it’s about humanity & avoiding cruelty when unnecessary. killing animals for food serves a basic purpose; putting them in 50-50 chance to live situations for sheer pleasure is an unnecessary cruelty.

Me: the societal impact: a big reason (at least here in the south, california & new york) dog fighting is illegal besides animal cruelty reasons is that dog fighting is often tied to the sale of illegal drugs, firearms, & sex trade. also, fighters who get loose are unpredictable due to poor socialization & training and can attack dogs/people without provocation = danger to society. owning a pet means pledging to a different set of responsibilities than owning animals that were destined for my plate.

Me: sorry, me again – as for your holocaust example, i don’t think dogs will be fighting back en masse anytime soon. besides the lack of mental ability, dog fighting is under the radar – an underground illegal activity. this behind-closed-doors quality is the same reason abused women and children can’t fight back en masse. many people don’t know about it. if the nazis succeeded in hiding the camps real purpose, who knows what could have happened? lastly, no hostilities – just engaging conversation.

*incorrect spelling and punctuation in original posts were corrected. (correcting grammar was too big a task.)

let me (and jenga) know what you think!

"what say you, friends?"

"what say you, friends?"


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