“you don’t say…again…” (update)

the discussion continues…

…and ends. after almost 2000 comments, youtube, in all it’s (little) wisdom, has disabled comments on the video. so here is the rest of (and the end) of my civilities with Mr. Conflict (who i discovered is in his 40’s). whoa.

Mr. Conflict: I think you missed my point. If a child or a woman is battered, we as a society stand up and fight for them. In the animal kingdom if one animal is getting beaten the other animals eat him. Animals have zero respect for the “rights” of one another and when we try to claim they have rights it is ridiculous. We would not prosecute a wolf for eating a rabbit so how can we claim the rabbit had a right to not be eaten? I appreciate your civil dialogue. The ones tossing obscenities look ridiculous.

Mr. Conflict: none of that has anything to do with the actual fighting of the dogs. Using your logic any sporting even should be banned due to drugs and gambling which really have nothing to do with the sport. Also the illegality of the dog fighting attracts people prone to illegal activities. legalize it and watch it get cleaned up over night.

Me: i think everyone who opposes dog fighting IS the embodiment of “society standing up and fighting for them”. i think your points are too general – i’ve already established that “eating” is an acceptable purpose for killing; it is only if we are killing that it matters how it is done and why. if a baby squeezes a hamster too hard and kills it, that’s just sad. if a healthy 15 year old does the same thing, it’s different, and wrong. animal actions would be in the same category as a human baby.

Me: once again, i feel your gambling rebuttal is too general. there’s 2 types of sports: parallel competition & direct competition. dog weight pulling & jumping competitions are acceptable & these are parallel competition. dog fights are direct, like boxing. the difference: boxers employ the manager. compared to horse racing which like dog fights has animals & gambling, is parallel competition. horses are treated much better, and i believe it’s due to visibility and money.

Me: dog fights have no visibility and many bad owners get the dogs for free = no incentive to treat the dogs like an investment. horses cost thousands to buy and care for. i know you posted before that you believe “there should be laws to prevent certain things”. let’s just agree on that. i’m focusing my rescue efforts at the heart of the issue: illegal breeding and sale, lack of registration, instating an adoption fee of $50-100 to help ensure good intentions, & at least 3-4 check up visits.

a rescued pit bull, used as a bait dog in dog fights. "bertie" - by marjieww

a rescued pit bull who was used as a bait dog in dog fights; chicago canine rescue. "bertie" - by marjieww


One response to ““you don’t say…again…” (update)

  1. epluribusgeenum


    i just read up on all your posts. kudos, my friend. if it weren’t 2 am and my brain didn’t decide to stop working mm… 3 hours ago, i’d respond with my own version of a hear, hear. you amaze me. chitty chat soon?


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