past v.s. present.

ladies, pity our poor feet.

i’ve been looking for a pair of nude pumps, a pair of snakeskin/python pumps, a pair with Lucite (clear) heels, and a pair of sky-high platforms. i found all four in the form of two new pairs of shoes… short recent purchase post: yesterday, i thrifted a never worn pair of nude snakeskin pumps by vintage bigwig j.renee. today, i fulfilled my longing for a pair of ridiculous platforms by getting my hands on a deeply discounted pair of monolithic tri-metallic, Lucite heeled steve madden platforms. i used to turn my nose up at this label, but this pair have leather uppers, leather lining, and leather soles… i was impressed and surprised. after getting home, i realized how funny they looked side-by-side in my closet. i decided to further the juxtaposition by posing them in a photographic “face-off”.

to give everyone an idea of the difference: the j.renee’s are a measly 1.5″ (but i wouldn’t be surprised if they were considered scandalously high back in the day…), and the steve maddens are a mind-boggling, teetering 5.75″, with a 1″ platform. egads! well, what’s a 5’2″ girl to do?

vintage j.renee's v.s. current steve maddens.

vintage j.renee's v.s. current steve maddens.


2 responses to “past v.s. present.

  1. epluribusgeenum

    strippa FABULOUS!


  2. Lucite so tight. I used to turn the snout up on SM too, but the men’s offerings isn’t going to change the angle of my nostril dangle.

    Nice kops.


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