victory is mine.

excuse me while i emit the ceremonial victory cry: “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!… HAHA!… HA!”

thank you.

remember that houston craigslist scammer i ranted about in my “excuse my french” post? well, my bank posted me a full refund today. *victory dance* i hate to say it, but “I WIN.” the icing on the cake were the additional e-mails i received from fellow victims that fell prey to that same life form that masquerades as a person, but in reality is just a tangible form of stupidity and greed. i forwarded them all the e-mail i was given from the sheriff’s department of the city she is from, which gave me a phone number to call and log my complaint – one woman e-mailed me back to say she had posted the police department information i provided on craigslist for other victims to call. guess it wasn’t too smart to mail things out with a return address was it, you silly scammer, you. prepare to reap your reward!

victory fist, baby = victory fist baby + a wink, for good measure.

victory fist, baby! = victory fist baby + a wink, for good measure. (photo by thebestcliche)


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