lady in red.

forget “lucky in love” – i’m on a “lucky in red” streak.

recent purchase post: today i brought home a lovely vintage red silk robe by neiman marcus. i’ll probably wear it as a dress – i really wasn’t sure at first which it was, since it’s listed as a size “P”, and has normal side pockets, instead of the usual front pockets that robes have. i also bought a mint [condition] long black column dress by emanuel ungaro, which i’d venture to guess is circa late 90’s, and finally, last but not least and best: a vintage three-piece ensemble of black sequins. it consisted of a black silk sequined skirt, a black silk sequined vest, and a black cropped, see-through, puffed and sequin-shouldered bolero. ahhh-mazing. even better, when i got home and separated them (i’m not totally crazy – i wouldn’t wear them together), i realized the bolero was of a different maker… they had combined it with the vest and skirt on accident. sweet.

with the claws of the fall semester already visible around the corner, i must admit i’ve been feeling less than inspired. in addition, i’ve been busy as a bee running errands all over houston; hardly conducive to craft work. however, the mundane drag of life the last week or so has afforded me the opportunity to notice the mundanely humorous things: two days ago, i was behind a woman in a black mercedes e320 whose license plate read, “4MYWIF”. awww.

the other day at the gym (lifetime fitness), my cousin and i were pumpin’ the iron, when she noticed a class going on and suggested, “we should sign up for that – latin dance!” [respectful pause] hopefully, anyone who knows me has finished laughing or grimacing – either response is appropriate. for those who don’t know me, gloria cheng does not dance. 4 years at texas a&m, and i still don’t country dance, and at clubs (which suddenly lost their appeal after i turned 21), i bench myself on the sidelines. once we finished our iron pumping, we headed to the women’s locker room – it was then that i saw it… a flyer sitting on the end of the bench closest to my locker: “Flashback 80’s Aerobic Jam”. yes! 80’s dance is negotiable – unfortunately, my cousin disagreed.

hopefully, i’ll rise out of my creative funk soon – with my mental cohorts still cavorting about the country and the globe, and the upcoming semester forcing me to rethink my immediate priorities, i’ve had little feedback or time to really develop ideas. all in good time, i suppose.

vintage red silk neiman marcus robe/dress.

vintage red silk neiman marcus robe/dress.

tee hee - 80's jam.

tee hee - 80's jam.

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