buying in bulk = “lotta” stuff.

it’s pretty cut and dry.

…so when my mom and i went to sam’s warehouse to buy coffee creamer (my mom keeps buying irish cream when my dad and i have reminded her several times we want hazelnut), the young man ringing up our one box of creamer at the register said to me, “wow, that’s a lotta creamer.” … “yup”, i said. “drink lotta coffee?” … “yup”, i said.

perhaps i’m a difficult person (alright, no need to rub it in), but isn’t sam’s warehouse a “warehouse store”? you know, where people go to buy things in bulk? as in, “lotta” stuff? even buying one of something (which is what i did) is still a lot of something. my close friends know that my pet peeve is having to repeat myself – and god help those who try to guess silly things out loud in question form of what they thought i said in attempt to have me repeat myself. that’s just pouring gasoline on a fire. if it’s illogical or impossible, it’s not what i said… but i digress. while i knew the poor guy was just trying to be friendly, i found myself similarly irked. i envisioned myself having one of those animated, eye-twitch-plus-long-pause moments. what’s the point of asking a question there’s only one answer to? what if i had answered simply, “no”?

…actually, that might have been quite hilarious. oh well, as thumper’ mother [disney’s “bambi”] said, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

"buy in bulk!" by cate's garage

"buy in bulk!" by cate's garage


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