musical memory lane.

“…every chord is a poem…”

thoroughly disgusted with current mass media’s generic musical offerings, i’ve been finding my music elsewhere for the last few years. i haven’t followed “music” on the radio for at least 4 years now. i’ve also been revisiting old music – everything from ella fitzgerald to james brown, to whitney houston to lauryn hill. i’ve been listening to quite a bit of lauryn lately, and one of my favorites is her rendition of bob marley’s “turn your lights down low”. the version i listen to is her featured in the bob marley & the wailers original; however, i went online to see if i could find video of her performing live. not only did i find one, but i was blown away by her natural abilities. two women i can say sound as good live as they do recorded are whitney houston and lauryn hill. please don’t misunderstand, i’m open to any newcomers/suggestions, but as far as what i’ve listened to, these two are among the best women vocalists in my lifetime to date.

1) lauryn: recorded

2) lauryn: live

3) whitney: live


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