ha – take that!

i won’t let a silly storm temporarily severing my electricity stop me. especially when i have to pay for a class online by midnight…! might i remind you: no power = no wireless internet, no router, no cell phone charger, no a/c, and of course, no lights. finding myself stuck at home in the dark, alone with nothing but a blackberry whose battery was dangerously in the red, i resolved to journey to panera bread, a place of free re-fill coffee, free wireless internet, and sockets to charge my phone. alas, when i went to manually lift the garage door, it failed to catch and lock, as it should (manufacturer, i shake my fist at you). sweaty and with my hands covered in black garage door gear gunk, i sat down to ponder my options. eureka!

i grabbed a ladder from the back of the garage, and set it up next to the garage door. i lifted the garage door with my right hand, then grabbed the ladder with my left, opened it, and with my left foot, maneuvered it into position under the door. voila – it held. now the tricky part… the ladder was only so tall; would my car clear the barely-more-than-half cracked garage door? well, only one way to find out.

the more observant reader might have already realized that i succeeded, because i’m typing this. i did indeed make it to panera, where i was able to pay my balance and charge my blackberry.

all has been set right again.

jenga watching the rain before the power went out.

blackberry snap - jenga watching the rain before the power went out.


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