cultures & subcultures.

what amazing things…

i was watching clips of cbs‘s “the big bang theory” on youtube, and the following music video was included under “related video”. apparently, this is “big bang“, a popular korean group. i was taken with how many cultures and subcultures are represented in their music video: young koreans in [american] 80’s + rap/r&b inspired clothing, singing & rapping in korean and english, whilst popping and b-boy/break dancing on an [american] 70’s disco-esque floor. there’s so many elements involved – it’s amazing how far reaching and influential fashion, music, movies, and other forms of art can be.

another great example is tasha, a popular (and gifted) female korean african-american rapper.


2 responses to “cultures & subcultures.

  1. i think i know why north korea is such a threat to the united states.

    these phenomena. unless they’re from south korea, then my point is half-way moot — they’re still pretty fun to listen to. at very spaced out increments of time.


  2. oh, my darling – this is most assuredly from the republic of korea, aka south korea, aka korea. only a presidential republic and full democracy could churn out such americanized fare. north korea has nukes. i would steal candy from a baby to see kim jong in either of these performances…

    to qualify the song and dance though, i must mention i did discover that the whole thing was also meant to be a promotion/commercial for LG’s new Cyon cellphone. still, my point of how far american culture reaches remains relevant.

    i must also mention that Seung-Hyun Choi, the [super cute] guy in the thick black-rimmed glasses is the oldest of the group…and was born november 4, 1987 (the youngest was born in 1990). these guys are young – which is actually pretty normal for asia.


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