it’s heartbreaking, really…

i’ve been having stellar luck finding these amazing gowns, but when and where will i ever wear them? i’m tempted to throw some sort of old hollywood party to make use of at least one of my dresses.

most recent purchase post: two days ago, i came across a gorgeous emerald green vintage gown. it needed a lot of TLC – the seams at the waist were widely split in numerous places, one sleeve was almost off at the shoulder, and the zipper seams on the back of the dress showed serious signs of stress. it really seemed like someone too large for the dress insisted on fitting into it – several times.

after pointing out the problems to the manager, it was relatively easy to convince her of the need of a slash in price, and i succeeded in getting the dress at a deep discount. i took my new baby home, and after an hour and a half to two hours of surgery (read: sewing by hand…), i managed to reattach the waist and sleeve, and reinforce the zipper.

although the dress is 100% polyester, the color and weight of it is amazing. sure, i need 5″ heels for the hem to clear the ground (yeah, laugh it up), but once it’s on, the skirt movement is to die for. i apologize for the awkward angle of the photo – the dress really is quite long; my dressform was extended to the maximum height for this shot.

once again, jenga found little amusement in my tedious stitching, checking, stiching, and re-checking. she made short work of half of a milk bone (dog treat), and showed her contempt for fashion by curling up to sleep on my banana republic satchel.

vintage green gown + mother's vintage necklace.

post-operation: vintage green gown + mother's vintage trifari necklace.

my little miscreant, and my poor purse.

my little miscreant, and my poor purse.


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