the golden fleece.

what great fortune!

who knew one my friends would play king midas tonight? while i was pleased enough to get the chance to wax poetic with mandy, jimmy, and will, i was even more ecstatic to receive an unexpected gift from jimmy – a long pursued, vintage kenneth jay lane for avon ram clamper bracelet, complete with green rhinestone eyes and clear rhinestone horns! (thankyouthankyouthankyou!) as evidenced in my past post, “animal farm”, i have been lusting after this exact bracelet for quite some time. the elusiveness of the piece + the unexpected giving of it + the thoughtfulness + great company made for a great night. jimmy also introduced us to anvil, where we began our adventure. after tasty cocktails, playing catch up, and spinning tall tales, we crossed the finish line at house of pies, chatting it up over burgers and, well, pies.

anvil: 1424 westheimer rd., houston, tx 77006; (713) 523-1622.

house of pies (2 locations): 3112 kirby dr., houston, tx 77093; (713) 528-3816.

at long last - kjl for avon ram bracelet from jimmy!

at long last - kjl for avon ram bracelet from jimmy!


2 responses to “the golden fleece.

  1. What a thoughtful guy, that fellow.


  2. …and humble too!


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