boys to men.

i was reviewing some of the spring/summer 2010 menswear runway collections when i noticed something.

even though men’s clothing such as suiting in general might be universally recognized and accepted, it is still amazing how distinct and tinted by culture menswear collections can be. case in point: i first perused burberry prorsum spring/summer 2010, then flipped through dolce & gabbana spring/summer 2010. perhaps it was my viewing these two european houses back-to-back, but i noticed stark differences, the most interesting being the models.

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burberry prorsum spring/summer 2010: 1-3 of 3.

burberry prorsum spring/summer 2010: 1-3 of 3.

britain’s burberry prorsum models were pale and thin – angry, hunch-backed vampires turned on the cusp of adulthood, who only wear sweaters and trenches for show and not for warmth.

doce & gabbana spring/summer 2010: 1-3 of 3.

doce & gabbana spring/summer 2010: 1-3 of 3.

in comparison, italy’s dolce & gabbana models were tanned and muscular – men’s men who obtained their perpetual glows from summering off the coast of ibiza or the greek islands on their yachts, and haven’t met a woman they wouldn’t leave.

please note that i’m not touting any of the above looks – i’m simply making an observation. however, i did like a mint/seafoam trench from the burberry collection…

mint/seafoam burberry trench.

another young vampire in a mint/seafoam burberry trench.


3 responses to “boys to men.

  1. That’s cuz both Stefano and Domenico are super euro gay. Whilst Cbailey is only sorta english gay. Amirite?


  2. i disagree – i think it’s because britain is cold and rainy, and italy is warm and sunny.


  3. Least fun retort I ever got. Logic, ugh.


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