rock the republic.

just reminded.

i was running through all my events and updating my calendar on my new blackberry 8900 (swoon), and decided it’d be nice to post really quickly about “rock the republic”, which is essentially an art, music, and community smorgasbord taking place in downtown bryan, texas. also happening that weekend is “ride the republic”, which i will be attending as photographer. i’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how i will be following these cyclists around, and who will watch jenga for me… halp! most likely, i’ll be riding my personal bike…which happens to be a mountain bike…which means i will stick out like a sore thumb amongst all those fixed-gears. oh well. anybody not attending in bryan/college station who knows jenga and wouldn’t mind dog-sitting for an hour or so on sat, oct. 17, shoot me an email! otherwise, consider attending!

drumroll: oct. 15, 2009 - oct. 17, 2009.

drumroll: oct. 15, 2009 - oct. 17, 2009.

ding: oct. 17, 2009.

*created images property/courtesy of cody bailey & annie behrman, respectively.


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