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alexander mcqueen, ladies and gentlemen. i just watched his spring/summer 2010 collection, and… it’s beyond words. regardless of practicality, this was the most spectacular, mind-blowing presentation i’ve seen in quite some time. the mind of [good] fashion designers… fuck, the mind of this man! ridiculous. the creative area of my brain must be the size of a bean. perhaps a pea. anyone who doesn’t feel high fashion is art needs to watch the runway presentation, immediately.

1. alexander mcqueen spring/summer 2010 runway – part 1

2. alexander mcqueen spring/summer 2010 runway – part 2



look #19.


look #24.

shoe detail.

shoe detail.

clutch detail.

clutch detail.

bracelet detail.

bracelet detail.

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10 responses to “breathless.

  1. So next level. Details for days. Wish I were there.


  2. If I were a fashion designer in “these times,” I’d say Lady Gaga would be my inspiration to go far beyond expectation. I wonder if McQ used her song to accredit her as a muse for the collection.

    I want to design.


  3. actually, mcq described his vision as being how in the future, we evolve back into the sea in post-apocalyptic conditions. personally i feel lady gaga is more future+space, not future+sea. i’m sure there was a connection, regardless. as for designing – ugh, i totally understand. the competition is pretty fierce though, wouldn’t you say? of course, that’s not meant as discouragement – design away!


  4. the shoes are crazzzzzzzy!


  5. no doubt… they came in all different colors and materials – i loved the green, blue and gold snakeskin shoe the best; although… i want that little black clutch most of all.


  6. the shoes are incredible, mcqueen is on a league of his own.


  7. i haven’t seen something that’s impressed me so much until this … great eye.

    i definitely see where you’re coming from by suggesting that it’s a merrying of the future + the sea. to stretch the idea a little further without sounding too eco-trendy or apocalypse-fearing, the collection seems to hearken to what astrologers refer to as the age of aquarius. in other words, 2012. there’s fluidity AND structure to the shape of each design. to me, it seems like mcqueen is saying, look at the future: we can shape it. sure there are things that are rigid and perhaps set in stone so to speak, but as crafty beings we know how to work with what we’ve got. i might as well mention that we know how to work with what we’ve done. you can take that any way you’d like.

    there are definitely elements of superhuman creatures. i wouldn’t say alien, because the prints speak to earthly textures. maybe there’s a sprinkle of mars or jupiter in there, but i think the main point is future exploration of time, space, and environment, with earth as the starting point. the models are like creatures who are products of today and tomorrow’s environment. the make-up and the hair belong to beings like gorgeous hybrid ladies you’d see on, say, futurama. and the shoes… oy vey, this footwear anchor the sea theme. i see spins on fish scales, coral, shark skin… veritable X-women.

    the visuals: for heaven’s sake (pun!) the heavens are exploding in the visuals behind the models — kaleidoscopic bursts, gurgling nebulas, whathaveyou. very futuristic.

    one of my favorite parts of shows: the musical selection. the last song seemed to serve the purpose of stomping back out in typical top-model fashion, but the rest of show was house-y, metallic, fluid, and maybe a little panicked — a perfect fit for what i think mcqueen was going for as far as ambience goes.



    Just saw this on the Times online. You were first. You are so ahead of mainstream media!


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