ride the republic photoset.

it’s up!

thanks to everyone for being so patient – i took over 500 photos at ride the republic, and sifting through them was no easy task. in the first edit, i whittled about 520 photos down to around 90…. after slight cropping and a little light adjustment, i ran them through a second edit. finally, it was my good fortune to have geena stop by from college station to get her opinion on a few i wasn’t sure about letting make the cut. the final set is now available on Flickr. i had two regrets this past weekend: 1) that i didn’t have a better flash [attachment]/faster lens, and 2) that i knew when the fixed gear riders actually started. i was standing there like an idiot, wondering, “when are they going to start?“… when they already had. so, unfortunately, most of my “trick” shots are of the bmx riders. goddamn. regardless, enjoy.

geena's spoke card.

geena's spoke card.

*photos property of g.cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com

**please remember my photo sharing policy.


One response to “ride the republic photoset.

  1. sweet shots! i’d say they came out great


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