bag it up.


my parents came back from asia early this morning, and what did my dad bring me? jewelery, you say? clothes? shoes, perhaps? nope.

my very own nikon camera bag! for those who haven’t noticed – i haven’t been carrying a bag. why? because the only one i had was one of my dad’s old bags, and it was minuscule. so, either he realized i needed a bigger one, or his fear of my toting around my D80 like a heavy, wide-swinging purse proved too great…regardless, it was a welcome surprise.

"hello, utility."

"hello, utility."


3 responses to “bag it up.

  1. solid. interesting how all 3 of us shoot nikon 🙂


  2. yesh!and when jimmy gets started, it will be interesting to compare all our different styles…


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