vintage glamour & things for sale.

oops… i did it again.

literally. last week, i came across a beautiful blond mink stole (circa 1940’s-1950’s & monogrammed!) shoved in a rack amongst mussed and ruined vintage rabbit fur coats and disgusting, soiled faux furs on a circular rack in a local resale shop. i know i already have one in dark brown, but my eye was immediately drawn to it, like a magnet – it was practically begging to be saved from this horrible, horrible place, where devil-may-care teens with their brightly-colored plastic or unidentifiable metal content accessories, pyramid studded vinyl belts, too tight jeans, muffin-tops and visible ass cracks couldn’t tell a vintage treasure from vintage trash if their trendy jobs depended on it. oh, the nightmare! one young and very sweet, rail-thin employee ran his hand down the collar, and asked me, “do you think it’s real?” to prevent them from reconsidering the price and myself from lying, i answered his question with another, paired with a deceptively quizzical expression – “do you think it might be?” i think he offered that he thought it might be beaver. what a nice boy. if you do discover a mink you want to save, common retail for a vintage mink stole can run from $300-$500, and full-length coats can go as high as $4000, so use that as your gauge. (if you love fur like i do, buy vintage! recycle!) that same day, i also uncovered a vintage 80’s poured glass ring by givenchy, in a gorgeous amber hue. a good day. today was a good day too – i just bought a speedlight (dedicated flash) for my nikon d80; it should arrive in the mail the day before halloween!

also, i have an announcement: i am currently selling my Blackberry Curve 8310, and a huge sterling + garnet cocktail/statement ring from my jewelery collection on ebay. feel free to check them out, or point someone you think might be interested in their direction.

a sister stole.
a sister stole.
givenchy gripoix ring.
givenchy – 80’s bold.
let there be [more] light.
let there be (more) light.

*final image property of b&h.

4 responses to “vintage glamour & things for sale.

  1. epluribusgeenum

    that’s the most genius response i’ve ever heard. you sure know how to shop/weasel!


  2. thanks! …and i think you mean, “you sure know how to shop, weasel!” haha


  3. sb 400, nice!

    whens the 35 1.8 coming along? ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. absolutely incredible.


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