spock the wise.


i’m spiking my halloween with some spock. yesterday, i bought some materials to make a star trek medical/science officer costume… if i make it to college station this weekend like i’m hoping to with my newly pimped out camera, it’ll get to see the…dark of night. (boo, gloria…boo. thumbs down.) obviously, i took some liberties with the caption on the screen shot below – the actual line was:

please, mr. scott – restrain your leaps of illogic. i have said nothing; i was merely speculating.”

in true form, he followed that winner up with another in seconds:

“my guess, doctor, would be valueless. i suggest we refrain from guessing, and find some facts. spock out.”

true and logical. what a man.


"you know, mr. scott, ladies ask me all the time why i'm so irresistible, and it's one of the few questions i don't know the answer to."

*created image property of g.cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com; star trek: the original series is the property of CBS.


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