gentlemen – introducing simon spurr.

this young brit started his eponymous menswear line in 2006, at first offering only denim. after working with heidi slimane on a men’s collection at yves saint laurent (YSL), at calvin klein on the CK label, and at ralph lauren as design director of both the purple label and black label, he has finally graced us with his own, full fledged collections. unfortunately, i didn’t find the spring/summer 2010 collection particularly stimulating – but since i agree with other fashion bigwigs that this chap is one of the designers on the cusp, here are some images of his fall/winter 2009 collection, which i found much more to my liking.


spurr fall/winter 2009: 1-3 of 6.


spurr fall/winter 2009: 4-6 of 6.

*images courtesy of gq.com.

3 responses to “spurr[ed].

  1. i’m currently coveting inordinate amounts of money to purchase the last three looks for my yet-to-be-conceived prodigal son. they radiate aplomb in the most effortless (best) kind of way. the buttonless trench is amazing…


  2. oh, and to clarify, i meant the last three looks of the seventeen-look full collection, captured in the last image of your post!


    • those colors are absolutely classic. also, while the butterscotch of the leather jacket in image four is not the first that comes to mind for me, i loved that hue…


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