the “esquivel” man.

guys, how many shoes do you own?

correction – it would probably be more telling to ask, what shoes do you own? a pair of nike or adidas? maybe a tattered pair of converse? a pair of rubber (…or maybe leather) flip-flops? since this is texas, it might be fair to say you even have a pair or two of cowboy boots. well, m’boy, it’s time for some man-shoes. er…excepting the cowboy boots – cowboy boots, that you actually wear and use, are manly-man shoes. no, that pointy-toed, western-esque, faux leather, stacked heel shit you find in expensive stores doesn’t count; those wannabe’s are girly-man shoes. run. away. so… i guess what i really mean is, middle-of-the-road-between-boy-and-manly-man-and-far-away-from-girly-man shoes.

it’s time for some serious questions. do you have shoes for a job interview? for that job once you get it? a wedding? a funeral? for your great aunt mildred’s tea party next sunday? no need to panic. check these out: these are the latest offerings by george esquivel, of southern california. begun in 1994, all his shoes are made-to-order, by hand. in addition, the leather he uses is sourced from the same place venerable fashion house louis vuitton buys its leather. of course, another serious question you should ask yourself is “do i have enough disposable income?” if not, it can’t hurt just to take a peek.


some shiny trotters, by esquivel.

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4 responses to “the “esquivel” man.

  1. i came across this designer some how, perhaps featured on refinery 29? suprisingly enough, my favorites as of late are the boots with the laced-on zipper strip.

    Q: do designers (deliberately and ostensibly) create mismatched pairs because i initially thought that’s what esquivel was doing with, for example, the green and brown oxfords, but then (to my disappointment) i realized he was probably just displaying two variations on a theme.

    great post, though. i hope some dudes respond!


  2. thejimmytran

    You know my what shoes I have. But I wouldn’t mind any of these. The boot with the purple suede strap on their website is my favorite out of the bunch.

    The one Mandy was looking at looks like the stuff DID/Double Identity, did a couple of times in previous seasons:

    How customizable are the options? And do you know price point? I know bespoke anything always run a dollar.


  3. you must mean “top” dollar – sorry, no idea on price point… i think it’s pretty free as to design. i do know the washes/stains/aging is completely custom/ free reign.


  4. mands – haha! you could always buy two pairs and wear them mismatched… and sell the remainder as such! i think it’s actually a pretty cool notion – as long as it’s done like the two bottom “pairs” in my image…same color palate (green & brown), or opposites (black & white).


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