and the emmy goes to…

rodger berman, for the role of best supporting husband/voice of reason.

who? rodger, a successful entrepreneur, is the husband of rachel zoe, stylist to the stars, whose trials at work and the tribulations that ensue when it bleeds into her personal life can be seen on bravotv‘s “the rachel zoe project“. i think i watch this show for more than the obvious/more popular reasons – i like to see calm, practical, logic solve frantic, illogically emotional situations. my favorite characters? rodger, of course, who has been married to rachel for 10+ years and handles her business’ finances, and rachel’s dedicated and seemingly eternally gloomy associate, taylor jacobsen. for example… in one episode, rachel is approached by a home decor magazine to be photographed/interviewed at home. she tells rodger she wants to buy new furniture and completely re-haul the living and dining rooms. he responds by reminding her that the furniture they currently have is not only custom and only 2-years old, but also that he feels they should be putting more money into their savings. unfortunately for him, the scene cuts to show them at fendi casa. after being told a bed frame they are interested in boasts a $13,000.00 price tag, a defeated rodger asks his wife, “i guess a la-z-boy is out of the question?” she proceeds to smack him in the arm with what can only be a disproportionately expensive pillow. as for taylor, after feeling like an assistant has been shirking at work and playing pals with their boss rachel a tad too much, she laments to the camera, “doing the job comes first, being rachel’s friend comes second.” sounds pretty solid to me. here’s one of my favorite scenes, below.

the premise: new york fashion week has fallen on valentine’s day, forcing the los angeles based zoe team to spend it in a swanky hotel on the east coast. admitted shopaholic rachel (who has tried in multiple episodes, unsuccessfully but endearingly, to hide purchases from her husband) pulls what she calls a “richard gere“, and orders rodger one of everything on the menu as a surprise. after she presents her BA- and MBA-holding husband his present of dior homme cuff links and they proceed to have breakfast, the following dialogue ensues:

rachel: “i feel like we should go…”

rodger: “let’s go get massages.”

rachel: “i don’t want a massage.”

[several moments pass…]

rachel: “can we go shopping now?”

rodger: “i’ll go shopping with you, but you’re not buying anything.”

rachel: “then it’s not shopping!”

rodger: “it’s called a recessionary valentine’s day, rachel. [laughs] you go out and you buy nothing, and pretend that you do, like everyone else in america. [takes a big bite of his pancakes] mmm!”

a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.



*created image property of g.cheng &; “the rachel zoe project” is the property of bravotv.


2 responses to “and the emmy goes to…

  1. thejimmytran

    Counting the days until the separation?


  2. no way – these two are totally adorable soul mates! she is the ebb in his placid sea, and he is the anchor of her dinghy.


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