twitter time-out.

whoa, guy.

i use my blackberry to access twitter about 99.9% of the time, and to be honest,  often forget to check my “replies“. i remembered to check today, and bam! – this is what i found.


oh, dear.

apparently, this was in response to my tweet “i hate conspiracy gery here, is a self-described “conspiracy theorist“. well, while my feelings are completely intact and unscathed, hopefully he feels the same way – but just in case, sir, allow me to explain my perhaps too-curt tweet. in one of my business classes, an older woman who has gone out of her way to inform the class that she is struggling financially and has been for most of her life, insists at every opportunity during class that she believes the credit scoring system is a “game” invented by the government to “punish poor folk”. despite the professor’s attempt to explain that, in fact, many high-income families have less liquid assets than low-income families (due to more aggressive spending and borrowing), and that Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax are “consumer business services”, this woman is steadfast in her belief that the government just wants to “keep us poor folk down”. in fact, Equifax was fined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) twice for Fair Credit Reporting Act violations. in 2000, all three were fined $2.5 million for delaying phone calls from consumers trying to get information about their credit. (…fed gov’t punishing big business for the benefit of the bourgeoise? kinda kills her position, but, hey.) personally, i functioned solely on cash and a debit card while in college, shunning the credit card and any impending doom debt like i would a clown with a knife. since this woman is in her late 40’s to early 50’s, i would venture to assume that her credit is better than mine, despite the fact that i am from a higher-income family. regardless – while she is welcome to believe whatever she wants to, i don’t feel she has the right to continuously interrupt a lecture to announce her views on the credit system. i paid for the teacher’s time, too – as did the rest of the class.

so – if you were offended, mr. gery, i apologize. i too am a conservative (and pro-tea party), mr. gery, and i believe “conspiracy theorists” are actually an important part of our country/government; they excercise one of our most distinguishing rights compared to many other nations – the right to question. i suppose i tweeted in haste, and i should have posted instead, “i hate underinformed and impolite conspiracy theorists.”


2 responses to “twitter time-out.

  1. I never would have suspected such a response in a million years.It was just a shot back at the anti-conspiracy crowd or so I thought.They have me on edge most days because it is one of my favorite keyword searches.The woman from your class sounds cracked,it reminds me of a conspiracy theorist that I met in Washington DC at the Tea Party.She went on and on about how the government had stolen her inheritance because her father was against communism.She also was a numerologist that had everything tracked.I explained to her that day that I didn’t believe a word she said in a nice way.She asked me for feedback on a park bench near the Washington Monument.She had boxes of material and it looked like it was completely screwing up her life.We went our seperate ways,but before I had left,I really listened to her for about an hour and a half.I guess thats the psychology major in me.Well,we have a lot in common,and I hope that I didn’t offend you too much.It obviously was a shot in the dark at one of my friends,guess you could call it friendly fire.Sorry.Jon Gery. P.S. I will be following you because you sound like a fresh voice from a big heart with an ear for a conspiracy.


  2. no apology needed for no harm done; all’s well that end’s well, as they say, and you have also gained a twitter follower. as for your crazy lady encounter, i applaud your patience! i would have left her babbling to herself after about 10 minutes – that’s the maximum time allowed for intro and rebuttal speeches in high school debate, and still all i’m willing to give someone who can’t be reasoned with…which i think is 9 minutes and 59 seconds too long. those crazies… they’re everywhere.


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