happy halloween.


my parents have left for galveston for a relaxing day of… that’s right, photo snapping. i will be hitting the road myself after this post to celebrate the weekend in college station, where i will be armed to the hilt with photography gear. it is entertaining, isn’t it? dad? d300. mom? d90. me? d80. it’s like “goldilocks and the three bears“… except we’d be an advanced, asian version… like goldilocks and the three sun bears, or the three panda bears, or the three asiatic black bears – and that voracious little thief wouldn’t have gotten away in this story, especially with home court advantage and all. ah, but i digress – here’s wishing everyone a creative, safe, and fun halloween.


if only this could slide in real life.


2 responses to “happy halloween.

  1. your little super-bear digression is priceless.


  2. definitely loving the off beat 3 bears digression. can’t wait for the photos


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