costumed capers.


so tired… photos from halloween are finally up on Flickr! check them out in the photoset, “monster’s ball – 2009“. what an interesting night the 31st was… from getting to see great, familiar folk and running into practically long-lost folk, getting asked numerous times if i worked for the batt, to getting my ass rear groped by a tall blond chick at the corner. i’ve got to say, i’m extremely pleased with the sd-400 speedlight; not only does it work like magic, it also made my camera look more official than it deserves. people were more than happy to pose for pictures, no questions asked – all probably helped by the fact that i carried my new, very official looking nikon bag. one older man at the corner [bar] asked me what the photos were for, and when i told him i had just been taking pictures at parties, his drunk(er) friend piped up, “you weren’t at my house!” i promptly pointed out that he wasn’t at his house, either. the first man laughed, and apologized for his friend, and wished me a good night. hopefully all of you had a great halloween past, as well. enjoy the photos!


an unintentionally terrifying tom.

*photos property of g.cheng &

**please remember my photo sharing policy.


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