ute ploier.

i’m adding a new menswear line to my favorites list.

first brought to my attention via modeman, i thumbed through the past collections and discovered i liked most of this eponymous line. restrained, modern, with a clear, detailed, and forward-thinking hand at work. ute ploier presented its first collection in the fall of 2005, and is designed by its austrian namesake, a woman with great aesthetic taste. ploier was a student of well-known belgian industrial/fashion designer raf simmons at the University of Applied Arts of Vienna, and launched her label after she won first prize for “best men’s collection” at Hyeres [french fashion festival]. to be honest, i was surprised to find that the gepetto of this line was a woman; pleasantly surprised, that is.

here are four of my favorite looks from fall/winter 2009:


ute ploier fall/winter 2009: 1 & 2 of 4.


ute ploier fall/winter 2009: 3 & 4 of 4.

here are some personal past favorites:


ute ploier fall/winter 2008: "3D: Military"


ute ploier fall/winter 2008: "3D: Classic"

*images property of uteploier.com.


4 responses to “ute ploier.

  1. instead of remaining reticent which was my initial plan, i’m going to come out and say:

    i can’t say that any of this is doing much for me.


  2. thejimmytran

    3d military interests me. It could be refined further though.


  3. jimmy, what do you mean?


  4. mandy: hm. that’s interesting. seeing as how you lurved that button-less trench a few posts back, i thought you’d find the 3-button cardigan minimally pleasing (pun!).

    jimmy: i liked the way that collection looked as a whole. i will say though, that i preferred “3d: classic”. that ribcage-esque scarf is (shall i pun again?) to die for.

    overall, i do see in hindsight how this might appeal more to you [jimmy] than to…er… you [mandy]. i loved the unexpected navy and mustard leathers in “military”, and the suit jacket cut like coat & tails paired with what seems to be an anorexic tie – almost everything in “classic” is cut asymmetrically. gotta love a good oxymoron.


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