life is living.


so tired. again. current time stamp: 3.36 am. last saturday, jimmy, mandy, and i attended the life is living event at discovery green in downtown houston. jimmy and i lugged our precious nikons, much to poor mandy’s chagrin. i just finished uploading my photos to my Flickr, which can be found in the set, “‘life is living'”.

afterward, mandy and i were introduced by jimmy and his friend connie to an excellent little cafe in rice village cafe rabelais. apparently, they boast an award winning wine list. what did we have? mandy: salade du jardin, connie: salade de bleu d’auvergne, jimmy: foie gras, and me: salade de poulet ou bavette; jimmy topped it all off by selecting us a half bottle of wine. i recommend houstonians check it out – besides the wine list, they also boast odd hours, and do not accept reservations, so make sure to check their hours first!


"leap." - by g.cheng

*photos property of g.cheng &

**please remember my photo sharing policy.


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