veteran’s day.

i just read an e-article in the houston chronicle about a photographer who is working to document WWII vets and their stories. it’s a wonderful and admirable endeavor – you can read about it (and watch the short video) here.

as a transplant american, who finally received citizenship in 1998, i am and hope everyone else who lives in this country and has the right to take advantage of the freedoms and opportunities here takes time to remember the veterans of the long past, the recent past, the now, and the future. this sentiment is not only reserved for one day out of the year, nor to this one country – if you are from another country that is better today than it was in the past due to a historic, course changing war, those who fought for that change should also be remembered, and thanked.


"three-war veteran" - by saint.seminole


even the bad guys show some respect – a gang of milwaukee muggers return an army reservist’s wallet with a fist-bump after seeing his military id. way to go… i guess.


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