better late than never.

i just e-browsed dior homme fall/winter 2009.

the spring/summer 2009 collection is already out, but since i’m a fan of the simple and have a special place in my heart for blacks, whites, and grays, i must admit i tend to prefer fall/winter collections. also, i absolutely fell prey to men-shoe-envy (which…despite my closet being equally full of loafers and teetering heels, happens a lot…) when i saw the black leather lace-ups with the white detail. *squeal* it reminds me a lot of proenza schouler‘s yellow-piped ankle boot…which i also want. in fact, ever since i was in middle school, if a shoe i wanted or needed came in boy’s or men’s, i would buy the male version; girl shoes always seemed to come in blech shades like pink, red, lavender, or baby blue, when boys got the (literally) cool colors, like navy, black, hunter green, gray, silver, maybe the occasional splash of yellow, or dream scenario – all white. i can’t be the only one that wipes my white shoes down when i get home, could i? …er…rhetorical question. below, a few of my favorites:


dior homme fall/winter 2009: 1-3 of 8.


dior homme fall/winter 2009: 4-6 of 8.


dior homme fall/winter 2009: 7-8 of 8.


dior homme vs. proenza schouler.

*[menswear] images courtesy of


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