lucky noodle, houston.

got a hankerin’ for some good eats?

well, if you’re in the mood to try out a new chinese restaurant in houston, texas, you should stop by “lucky noodle house“. it’s owned by a sweet older woman we’ve begun to become more familiar with just from eating there, and i can personally vouch for her food – just yesterday, my parents and i went by the restaurant, and even though it was supposed to be closed, she opened just for us and cooked everything we ordered herself. new and clean, with [family style] lunch specials available from $3.95 and $4.95? i vote yes.

she has no idea i’m doing this – i asked my dad to swipe a business card for me after our meal the other day while she was talking to me. the restaurant doesn’t have a sign, and my parents were telling her she needed one (there’s only sign on the door); she informed us that she can’t afford one right now. the food is good, she’s very nice and works hard, so i thought she deserved some promo help.

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