slow club.

christmas tv” & “when i go“, by slow club.


2 responses to “slow club.

  1. epluribusgeenum

    do i remember listening to this in Dominic?

    i’ve heard this before… thanks for the post. i do love watching videos like this. it lends a vaudevillian vibe to today’s musicianship that i really appreciate.

    don’t you love how all these videos are formatted like blogotheque?
    & by that don’t you not love that? it’s time for change! i know that the french are natural trendsetters but come on.


  2. haha, no – this adorably talented duo is new to me. as for the blogotheque reference, “oui“. i think “trends” are what the masses follow, born of need/desire to imitate, for whatever individual reasons… “trendsetters”, more often than not, seem to be the ones that don’t happen to give a shit about the opinion of said masses. ah, irony.


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