nouveau mais vieux Dior.

latest wardrobe deposit: vintage christian dior.

i just bought this vintage aqua christian dior dress coat last week – the tags from the shop read, “dress”… but i don’t think so. i realize “robes du soir” means “evening dresses”, but i’ll be wearing it as a coat, thankyouverymuch. the buttons are domed lucite, with what looks to be blue and green sequins or some other sort of reflective metallic material inside. yes, i did have second (and third) thoughts about buying it, but i think if i wear something very simple under it, and one piece of or no jewelery, i should be able to pull it off… fingers crossed!

vintage christian dior coat.

the coat is in pristine condition - the only "repair" i had to do was re-attach the right upper corner of the label.

button detail.

*images property of g.cheng &


3 responses to “nouveau mais vieux Dior.

  1. color combo suggestion for this number: nude and black!
    jewelry suggestion: earrings. that’s it.

    how cool would that look with a black beret?

    i’m sure you already had something like that in mind… you nailed it with the one piece of jewelry. those buttons are jewels enough! good find.


  2. i just decided i want to shoot you in this, with a black beret… let’s do a french-themed shoot!


  3. Great color and the buttons and the sleeve style really make it.


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