mcqueen men.

speaking of skulls…

alexander mcqueen fall/winter 2010 menswear had some pretty cool pieces.

skull cable sweater.

skeleton-print shirt: front.

skeleton-print shirt: back.

*preceding two images courtesy of; final created image property of g.cheng &


3 responses to “mcqueen men.

  1. heeeey hannibal! looking stylish.

    i was just talking about men’s high fashion the other day. it’s so safe and grandpa! my take is, if a man is brazen enough to engage in high fashion, he better do it right. men’s street fashion is kicking asses.

    but this, this is at least a swift kick to the teeth. which would explain the lecter jawguards.


  2. tee hee. i was actually thinking edward scissorhands! pretty funny though, to think of them as grandpas. well, perhaps edward might have a chance with that girl he gets in the end, but hannibal has no hope. in any case, i can totally see them wearing the sweater in an old folks home.


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